For our partners we offer helium bottle hire.

We are unable to deliver helium bottles but they can be picked up in our wholesale store.

When hiring helium bottles you encounter the following costs:

  • Cost of helium (depending on the size of the bottle)
  • Deposit for the helium bottle (36,750 HUF)
  • Daily fee (131 Ft/day)
  • Dangerous product handling charge (750 HUF/bottle)
  • E- toll surcharge (370 HUF/bottle)
  • Regulator deposit 6000 HUF (if you do not have it yet)

All prices include VAT. Deposits are paid back when the bottle is returned. The price of day fee is paid subsequently, via a postal payment cheque issued by Messer Kft. and posted to your address.

Payment: by cash

Bottle hiring fee